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KamLan (Sainsonic)

November 13, 2017 SainSonic Kamlan 50mm f/1.1 Review

For a long time the landscape of lenses has been concentrated on a few major lens makers. The first party players, making lenses for their own cameras, and a few established third parties like Zeiss, Sigma, and Tamron. In the last decade a Korean company, Samyang/Rokinon, has broken in and has become a significant player […]

October 25, 2017 Sainsonic KamLan 50mm f/1.1 Image Galleries

Today’s lens is a very unique one:  a small manual everything prime lens for mirrorless systems (Sony, Canon, Fuji, and M43), but with a “killer app” up its tiny sleeves – a huge maximum aperture of f/1.1.  The KamLan brand (Sainsonic) is a new one (out of China), but the lens itself is beautifully made.  […]