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Thank you for writing Revelation Unveiled. You have made Revelation come alive by unraveling the puzzle that many theologians have tried to understand. Thank you for taking the time to wait upon God so that he could motivate you to write this great book. I highly recommend this book to anyone wanting to understand Revelation. Keep up the good work Bro Abbott!

Carmen Hamilton - Pastor, Jubilee Apostolic UPC, Ottawa

In his second book, Canadian pastor Dustin Abbott applies his capable pen to the lives of the Greats from God’s Word, but at times when some of them weren’t actually acting very great. The result is a graduate level course in the School of Hard Knocks, the sometimes painful education one gets from life’s negative experiences. But, as the author explains, God’s grace has a way of turning our mistakes into miracles, our trials into triumphs, and our hard knocks into heavenly knowledge that ultimately results in significant personal and spiritual growth. If you’ve ever felt that your failures were fatal, the life lessons in this book will help you move forward and realize that, while all of our life experiences are definitely not good, with God’s help they can all work together for good.

Raymond Woodward - Pastor, Capital Community Church, Fredericton, N.B.

Without question, the Word of God is the most challenging, stimulating and enlightening book one can read or apply oneself to study.  Pastor Abbott has devoted himself to this demanding study, which has yielded the writing of these vignettes from the lives of great men of God who have experienced, and can teach us, some of the big "Life Lessons" we need to learn.  Your thinking will be stretched and your mind illuminated as you pore over each chapter and you will most certainly gain new and valuable insights into the reasons for some of the "Hard Knocks" you have endured!

Rev. Granville McKenzie - Senior Pastor, Faith Sanctuary, Toronto, ON, Executive Presbyter for Canada, United Pentecostal Church

Rev. Dustin Abbott is a prolific writer and a student of the Word of God. Revelation Unveiled is an amazing, inspiring mother lode of practical illustrations that capture the essence of the Book of Revelation. Rev. Abbott is a gifted writer who has the ability to take the complex and make it easy to understand. Revelation Unveiled is a must-read for all students of the Bible.

Rev. Alonzo Dummitt - Ontario District Superintendent

In Hard Knocks and Life Lessons, Dustin Abbott again reveals a great understanding of the relevance of the scripture to our everyday lives.  He recounts the stories of these characters in a way that is refreshingly insightful and practical to our modern world.  Throughout the book, Abbott weaves practical application for every age group and demographic making this book a great resource for anyone wanting a fresh approach to these timeless stories.

Rev. Shawn Stickler - Ontario District Youth President

Dustin Abbott’s Hard Knocks and Life Lessons communicates in a way that is compelling, convicting, and caring.  In a world that seems to be tumbling from crisis to crisis, Hard Knocks and Life Lessons teaches us lessons that we can apply to everyday life situations.

Rev. A. Dummitt - Ontario District Superintendent

Rev. Dustin Abbott is a talented writer who skillfully sheds light on God’s WORD.  His careful study of Scripture has enabled him to assist the reader in gaining insight into the lives of Biblical characters.  This is a must-read for those who seek a better understanding of the significance of such character’s life experiences.

Rev. D. Green - Senior Pastor, New Life Pentecostal Church, Toronto , ON

The book, 'Revelation Unveiled', by Dustin Abbott, is scholarly, user-friendly, and apostolic. Just a few weeks prior to our previously planned mid-week Bible study series on 'Understanding the Book of Revelation,' I met Bro. Abbott at a convention where he was promoting his book. Without hesitation, I purchased the book and have found it to be an incredible 'unveiling' of the book of Revelation. The weeks and months of research invested by Rev. Abbott will save the serious student of the Word weeks and months of research. I highly recommend this dynamic book. Thank you, Bro. Abbott, for sharing your insights!

Rev. Ed Arbeau - Pastor, Kingston, Ontario

Dustin Abbott has once again with pen and parchment heard the voice of the Comforter speaking directly to us through our personal life circumstances, and challenges us to persevere for victory that is ultimately ours.

Rev. A. W. MacLauchlan - Ontario District Secretary

Dustin Abbott is quickly becoming known among us as both student and teacher, boldly wading into the water to take on some very tough subjects. His first book, Revelation Unveiled, written on the very threshold of prophetic fulfillment has served as a wakeup call to the church to man the battle stations. Now Hard Knocks and Life Lessons is here providing insight into the lives of my most favourite people of all time. Is there a better resource to take us through the days ahead? Buy it, read it and reference it often.

Dwayne McCarty - Associate Pastor, Stittsville UPC

A must for laymen and Bible students. Dustin Abbott has proven his knowledge and insight as a prolific curriculum author and now unfolds the book of Revelation. Read it now: reference it often!

Rev. Arnold MacLauchlan - Ontario District Secretary