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If you are looking for custom photography, have a testimonial, or wish to order bulk orders of my books, the Contact Me page is the place for you – just fill in the form below.  If you are looking to sign up for the newsletter, just click here.

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3 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. Danny (Dreamer) says:

    Hi Dustin

    I am an admirer of your photography work and writing style. First noticing you on the CanonRumors site. I’ve been thinking of getting the 35mm for a while after reviewing my zoom shots and noticing a fair chunk of what I shoot falls between the 35mm and 55mm range. So, other than the convenience of zoom, I thought i would play in the prime space for a bit. Your review tipped me over the edge to buy – particularly with all the hoopla around Sigma Art – which was very tempting for me to switch (pack mentality can be overwhelming at times). But i like the idea of integrated technology, so given Canon are within statistically insignificant boundaries of Sigma for performance (and with IS), everything else gets down to the skill of the photographer.

    Again, keep up the good work


    1. Dustin Abbott says:

      Danny, thanks a lot for the positive feedback. I have now spent 8 months with the Canon and continue to really like it. It’s a very strong lens.

  2. Jack Marziliano says:

    Hi Dustin . Would love to put that lens head to head with that from Samysng . I sm enjoying the 85mm on my 6D . Not missing Af except for speed factor. Added a magnifying type device on body and it’s getting easier.

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