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I came by my love for photography honestly, for our family’s favorite pastime when I was growing up was to spend the evening watching my father’s slides of some event, place, or family history.  He had thousands upon thousands of slides, and we would often watch them for hours.  I got serious about photography in 2009, when I bought my wife a new camera that I just couldn’t seem to keep my hands off of!  I began to get opportunities, and I started to buy equipment, entering the field of DSLRs in 2010.   Since that point I have jumped in head first, and am engaged in just about every aspect of photography.  I have developed a reputation as a “gear guy”, and most of the visitors to this site come because of my lens reviews.  If you want to know more about my own gear, and why I chose it, check out the “My Gear” page:

I am probably best known as a photographer for my landscape and nature photography, but I enjoy doing portrait, event, and wedding photography professionally as well.  If you would like to book my services or get more information, visit the “Contact Me” page.  You can also sign up for my newsletter and get articles, photography tips, photos, and reviews delivered right to your inbox.  Or you can just enjoy the various photo galleries here.

Photography has enabled me to appreciate the beauty of the world so much more. Photographers see things that most people miss, and the magic of photography is when you actually are able to catch those fleeting moments of beauty in nature, people, or ordinary objects. I do sell fine art prints and have done a fair of licensing of my work both directly and through Getty Images.  I have had the good fortune to be able to combine my loves of writing and photography as a professional lens reviewer and photography writer as well.  My work has been published in such publications as PhotoPlus, Photo News, Popular Science, American Photo, Pro Photographer, and Photography Week magazines as well as the Globe and Mail newspaper.  I have been featured as a guest on several photography blogs and have had either articles or photos published in local magazines in multiple countries.  I write on a regular basis as a free-lance writer for PhotoNewsFlash, Alien Skin Software Blog, CanonRumors, and have also written for Photography Masterclass Magazine, Henry’s Photography Blog, PhotoNews Magazine, Digital Photography School, the Zeiss LenSPIRE blog, and Pro Photographer magazine.  My work has also been used in advertising by Canon, Discovery Resort Marketing, Tamron, and software manufacturer Alien Skin Exposure along with promoting the Canon 6D in Popular Science and American Photo. My lens reviews have been featured by Tamron of Canada, USA, Denmark, and France along with Zeiss in both the Americas and Germany.  People from around the world also enjoy my video reviews and tutorials on YouTube.  I enjoy just about every aspect and style of photography. You will find many links to more ways to both view and purchase my work.  If you are interested in licensing my work or hiring me to do portrait or event work, please use the contact page for scheduling.  Thank you for stopping by!

I have a number of affiliate partners around the world that I’m privileged to work with, including Amplis Foto, B&H Photography, YouTube, Skylum Software, and Exposure Software among many others.

4 thoughts on “Photo Galleries

  1. Joe Davis says:

    Pastor, ever thought of doing photography workshops?

    1. Dustin Abbott says:

      Joe, I haven’t in the past, but it’s something I might consider doing in the future. As with most things, it’s about finding time!

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