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April 22, 2019 PolarPro QuartzLine Filters Review

I was introduced to the company PolarPro near the beginning of 2019 when they reached out to me to see if I had any interest in reviewing some of their products.  I get a lot of review requests (most of which I turn down), but I do take the time to do a quick investigation […] [Read more...]

March 17, 2019 Vello M42 to Sony E-mount Macro Adapter Review

I have a serious soft spot for my vintage glass (I’ve got about 12 vintage lenses that I still use adapted modern cameras).  Some of my favorites are classics from Japanese-made Takumars, Soviet-made Helios lenses, and German-made Zeiss (and their derivatives).  While many of those classic lenses have greater fla [Read more...]

March 6, 2019 BAGSMART Xpedition Modular Backpack Review

The current trend among photography backpack makers seems to be the idea of a modular backpack that can be reconfigured for different purposes – travel, business, photography, or some blend of the two.  I can understand the logic.  I own 8 different camera bags/backpacks at the moment, because different situation [Read more...]

March 2, 2019 Rotolight AEOS Dual-Mode Light Image Gallery

I’ve spent time with a lot of different lights since becoming a reviewer.  They typically fall into one of two categories.  They are either A) portable flashes/strobes for photography or B) fixed or continuous lights for videography.  Some of the more recent continuous lights have had the option to be run of [Read more...]

January 23, 2019 Moon Leather Dual Camera Strap Review

Check me out on:  My Patreon  | Sign Up for My Newsletter |  Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Flickr | 500px |  Google+ | When I show up to do a portrait shoot, a wedding, or shoot certain events, I’m often strapping on my Cotton Carrier harness system.  It’s very functional, helping to [Read more...]

January 16, 2019 BAGSMART Rücken Camera Backpack Review

BAGSMART Rücken Camera Backpack Photo Rucksack Review | Photographer Dustin Abbott checks out a nicely made, moderately priced photography gear backpack designed for those that want to safely transport their gear with some flair and versatility.  Is the Rücken the backpack for you?  Check out my video review bel [Read more...]

May 24, 2017 Vanguard Alta Fly Rolling Camera Bags (48T) Review

This article was originally published in Photo News Canada and is republished here by permission. One of the most daunting things to do as a photographer is to travel with your expensive gear. There have been moments that I carried a bag of gear worth more than the car that dropped me off at the […] [Read more...]