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Wedding Gallery-8

Dustin Abbott

July 26th, 2013

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2 thoughts on “Wedding Gallery-8

  1. jason says:

    All beautiful images. Can I ask about this shot, did you focus on the bride, that helped get the rope and groom in focus ?. I ask this for sometimes I have issues getting one person more sharper than the other and at times looks more like the bride and Celebrant from above, what can you suggest or how you accomplished this image with focus ? Thanks in advance.

    1. Dustin Abbott says:

      A couple of suggestions for shooting ceremonies: first, learn to use AF Servo mode. I use AF Servo mode during processionals and recessionals, or when I know people are going to be on the move. I’ve reprogrammed my DOF Preview button to enable AF Servo when I hold it down so I can switch on the fly. Secondly, in a key moment like this one (or the kiss), take a bunch of shots and weed them out later. I change my aperture (and depth of field) depending on how much I want to have in focus. The focus on this shot is helped by the fact that the bride, groom, and the rope are pretty much all on the same plane of focus. Your shooting angle strongly affects that. Hope this helps…

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