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Rotolight AEOS Dual-Mode Light Image Gallery

Dustin Abbott

March 2nd, 2019

I’ve spent time with a lot of different lights since becoming a reviewer.  They typically fall into one of two categories.  They are either A) portable flashes/strobes for photography or B) fixed or continuous lights for videography.  Some of the more recent continuous lights have had the option to be run off batteries, which helps them to, at the least, provide some field value, though rarely anything like what a strobe can provide.  But never before have I reviewed a light that has the capability of doing both continuous lighting and strobing…until now.  The Rotolight AEOS lighting system is uniquely both a high end continuous broadcast quality light with a substantial light output while also functioning as a HSS strobe (complete with Elinchrom Skyport wireless built-in).  In fact, my title image for this page is a self-portrait using an Elinchrom Skyport wireless trigger on the Sony a7RIII to strobe the shot.  The flexibility of the Rotolight AEOS system for hybrid photographers/videographers or location photographers is endless, from various lighting modes and colors to even special effects like fire, lighting, strobing, police flashing lights, and more…  I’ll cover more in my video review, but these image galleries pay tribute to the various ways you can use the AEOS for all kinds of photography along with video work.

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Photos of the Rotolight AEOS

Rotolight AEOS Product Photography

Rotolight AEOS Portrait Photography

Rotolight AEOS Macro Photography

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