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Viltrox AF 33mm F1.4 XF Review

Dustin Abbott

July 17th, 2020

The Fuji platform has not been a particularly open one.  The traditional major third party players like Sigma and Tamron have no Fuji XF mount lenses, and Samyang has no autofocus lenses for XF.  The only real AF series for the mount were the Zeiss Touit series that were released in 2013 for Fuji XF and Sony E.  Those lenses are not particularly relevant today, however, as they feel a bit dated and overpriced.  The byproduct of this has been the reality that it is mostly Fujinon lenses mounted on Fujifilm cameras.  That makes the recent Viltrox AF options for Fuji a breath of fresh air, as they offer credible, autofocus alternatives to much more expensive Fujinon options.  The Viltrox AF 85mm F1.8 STM has been a well received option on Fuji (moreso than on Sony), and it’s no surprise why:  the Viltrox AF 85mm F1.8 costs $399 USD; the Fujinon XF 90mm F2 costs $950 USD!  That’s a huge difference in price, and the difference in the two lenses is much, much smaller.  But that lens is actually a full frame lens and is larger than necessary for APS-C, so Viltrox has a series of smaller, dedicated APS-C lenses rolling out with the Fuji XF mount as the lead release (Sony E-mount to follow).  One of those is the new Viltrox AF 33mm F1.4 XF lens.  It gives a “normal” angle of view (essentially a 50mm full frame equivalent) in a beautifully made, relatively compact package.  Having the ability to get a bright F1.4 aperture at a bargain price (about $279 USD), is going to be enticing when the Fujinon XF 35mm F1.4 runs around $600 USD.  The Viltrox AF 33mm is well built, attractive, and have a great price tag…but is it worth buying?  Watch my video review below to find out…or just check out the photos and decide for yourself.  I’ve done this review on the Fujifilm X-T4 body.

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Photos of the Viltrox AF 33mm F1.4 XF

Photos taken with the Viltrox AF 33mm F1.4 XF

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