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Fujinon XF 50-140mm F2.8 OIS Image Gallery

Dustin Abbott

August 3rd, 2020

One of the unique strengths of the Fuji ecosystem is the wide range of lenses of varying quality and price points specifically designed around the APS-C sensor (in this case a 1.5x crop factor compared to 35mm/full frame).  Fuji’s APS-C-centric focus has allowed them to both maximize the potential of an APS-C sensor and also develop lenses purposefully for that smaller sensor. One such lens that you won’t find on other APS-C platforms is the Fujinon XF 50-140mm F2.8 R LM OIS WR lens.

A quick breakdown of what all those letters in the name mean if you don’t “speak Fuji”.  

  • 50-140mm is the equivalent range of 76-213mm on a 35mm/full frame sensor (every lens mounted on an APS-C camera has the crop factor of the camera applied)
  • R = Ring, or that the lens has an aperture ring
  • LM = Linear Motors, meaning that the lens has Fuji’s upscale focus system
  • OIS = Optical Image Stabilizer
  • WR = Weather Resistant, meaning that the lens has weather sealing components in the lens.

In short, the 50-140 OIS has most of Fuji’s premium lens boxes checked.  This is a pro-grade lens, the equivalent of the popular 70-200mm F2.8 lenses that available on all major full frame camera systems and are one of the most popular tools for any portrait, event, or wedding photographer.  I have used a 70-200mm type lens in 98% of the weddings that I’ve ever shot.  I would consider the 50-140 OIS to be one of the indispensable lenses on the platform, and it is the third lens in the Fujinon pro-zoom trinity, including the 8-16mm F2.8 (my review here) and the 16-55mm F2.8 (my review here).  The 50-140mm is not a new lens (it was released in January 2015), but I personally came late the Fujifilm platform and having been slowly working my way through the catalog.  You can check out photos taken with the lens on the new Fujifilm X-T4 below.


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Photos of the Fujinon XF 50-140mm OIS 

Images Taken with the Fuji XF 50-140mm F2.8 OIS


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