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Godox AD 300 Pro Review

Dustin Abbott

December 7th, 2020

Godox has developed a strong following for their lighting products due to a winning combination of good engineering, reliable performance, and reasonable pricing.  They saw a gap between their “pocketable” Godox AD200 Pro Flash unit and the considerably larger AD400/600 units.  The solution is the AD300 Pro, a versatile wireless flash that makes for a great location light and packs a nice combination of size (1.25kg in weight and 190mm in length) while also packing a tremendous punch (300Ws of power).  This is a 50% power increase over the AD200 Pro without a whole lot of extra size and bulk, and I think it will hit a sweet spot for a lot of users. It comes in a very nice carrying case with some accessories and provides a lot of versatility.

This is a slave only flash (you cannot mount it on a camera hotshoe), but the great amount of power and control via one of Godox’s wireless triggers allows you to really shape the light.  You can choose to overpower your environment to give a cutout look:

…or blend in more with the ambient lighting to create a natural look:

The ability to control the flash in 1/256th increments even means that you can use this very powerful flash for more subtle lighting indoors:

The lithium-ion battery (batteries from the AD200 Pro will also work here) will give you up to 300 full power flashes with recycle times from 0.01 to 1.5 seconds.  There is a built-in fan, so there is little risk of overheating, and this also allows for a useful second function.  There is a 13Ws modeling light that you can also use for video due to being able to choose from 3000 to 6000 kelvin white balances in ten steps.  You can use high-speed sync times up to 1/8000 second. It additionally has action-stopping flash durations from 1/220 to 1/10200 seconds.

The native accessory mount on the flash is the smaller Godox mount, but there is a broad range of reasonably priced accessories and modifiers in that mount, or you can use an adapter like the S2 to move up to the Bowens standard.

In real world use I found the light a joy to use.  The power output was consistent and predictable, giving me highly repeatable results. 

The menu system on the triggers and the flash unit itself are reasonably intuitive, though if you are a flash novice it will take some time to figure everything out (though I’m afraid that’s true for any flash system I’ve ever used).

Bottom line is that the AD300 Pro is like other Godox flash units that I’ve used – it delivers great results at a reasonable price point…though in this case that price still isn’t cheap.  The AD300 Pro will set you back about $500 USD…but it’s most natural competitor in terms of specs – the Profoto B10 – runs more like $1700 USD!  It’s all relative!

If you would like the full review, watch this video here:

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Godox AD300 Pro Sample Photos

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