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Viltrox Pro AF 75mm F1.2 E-Mount Image Gallery

Dustin Abbott

July 28th, 2023

8 months ago I gave a glowing review of the Fuji X-mount version of the Viltrox Pro AF 75mm F1.2.   It was a stunningly good lens that managed to deliver next level improvements to the build and optics.  I knew then that a Sony E-mount version of the lens was inevitable, and it has finally arrived.  In what has become typical Viltrox fashion, it’s not the same lens ported over, however, but Viltrox has managed to deliver some key improvements that makes the Sony E-mount version even better than the Fuji version was.  This includes some new features like the ability to declick the aperture, a focus hold button, and their stylish new orange/red weather sealing gasket that they debuted on the amazing Viltrox AF 16mm F1.8 full frame lens (my review here). 

The Viltrox Pro AF 75mm F1.2 is the first in their new series of “Pro” lenses, with a rumored 27mm F1.2 soon to follow.  The Pro series has a more upscale build and feature set along with truly premium options.  The Pro 75E is an APS-C lens, so the crop factor of the camera it is mounted on will affect its apparent aperture.   Sony’s E-mount has a crop factor of 1.5 which will make the lens behave something like 115mm on a full frame camera – a very, very intriguing focal length for portrait work, particularly with that extremely wide maximum aperture.  There isn’t really any true competition for this lens on Sony, as dedicated portrait telephoto lenses with fast maximum apertures for APS-C just haven’t existed.  You will love the Pro AF 75mm F1.2; it has the ability to just crush backgrounds.

The only thing that held the Fuji version of the lens back was that the autofocus was only so-so (it has since been improved via firmware), but this new Sony version has the advantages of A) having had that additional development time to perfect the AF and B) the fact that Sony’s autofocus is better than Fuji’s at this point, particularly since my “APS-C” camera on Sony is the APS-C crop mode of the amazing Sony a7RV.  It’s 26MP in APS-C mode matches that of the new Sony a6700 but with the superior ergonomics and autofocus of Sony’s bigger full frame bodies. I was blown away with how much better autofocus was on the new Sony version, particularly with action sequences.  I could easily pick out a bird in flight at F1.2…and look at how amazing the results are! 

Viltrox claims near APO levels of correction for chromatic aberrations, which I’ve definitely verified to be true.  That’s extremely impressive in a lens with this wide of an aperture.  This Pro AF 75mm has a tremendous amount of “bite” even at F1.2, and at its best the lens produces images that look much, much more expensive than the price tag suggests.

It seems absurd to say, but the last few lenses from Viltrox have left me with as much anticipation for their new releases as any brand out there, and part of that is that they continue to deliver incredible value.  The MSRP of the Pro AF 75mm as it comes to market is $549USD (though if you buy it from the Viltrox store and use code DUSTINABBOTT you can get 10% any Viltrox product, including this lens), which makes this lens an absolute bargain relative to the performance.  The Viltrox Pro AF 75mm F1.2 in Sony E-mount isn’t quite perfect, but it is as about as close as it gets.   If you want more information, you can watch my definitive video review, read my text review, or just enjoy the photos below.


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Thanks to Viltrox for sending me an evaluation copy of the 75mm F1.2.   As always, this is a completely independent review. 

Photos of the Viltrox Pro AF 75mm F1.2 E-Mount

Photos Taken with Viltrox Pro AF 75mm F1.2 


Gear Used:

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