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Sigma 23mm F1.4 DN X-Mount Gallery

Dustin Abbott

September 1st, 2023

When I completed my review of the Sigma 23mm F1.4 DC DN on Sony E-mount several months ago, I noted that I really anticipated its release on Fuji X-mount for the simple reason that it felt like it was sharp enough to handle the huge resolution of Fuji’s 40MP APS-C sensors.  I now have had an opportunity to put that theory to the test, and, even more tellingly, have just completed reviewing Fuji’s own premium 23mm F1.4 (the XF 23mm F1.4 R LM WR – my review here), which gives me a very natural point of comparison.   The Sigma 23mm F1.4 DC DN Contemporary is (according to Sigma) the APS-C equivalent of their 35mm F1.4 DN ART lens, though, as we’ll see, Sigma’s design brief for the APS-C series follows a different formula than their full frame lenses.  Here’s a look at the DC (APS-C) DN (mirrorless) lineup thus far.

  1. Sigma 16mm F1.4
  2. Sigma 23mm F1.4
  3. Sigma 30mm F1.4
  4. Sigma 56mm F1.4
  5. Sigma 18-50mm F2.8

Sigma’s DC DN series has become even more important now that Fuji has lifted their restrictions on third party development for the platform, as the Fuji X-mount is a place where these lenses can really thrive – particularly considering that fact that Sigma likes to make high resolving lenses and Fuji currently has the highest resolving APS-C cameras!  I’m doing this review the Fujifilm X-H2 and its 40.2MP sensor!  There are also cheaper 23mm F1.4 options on Fuji, including the Tokina ATX-M 23mm F1.4 ($299 USD)and the Viltrox 23mm F1.4 ($299 USD).  This Sigma 23mm DN is the closest actual rival to the premium XF 23mm F1.4 LM in size and performance.

The 35mm focal length is one of my favorites, as it works very well as a general purpose walkaround focal length, good for landscapes, cityscapes, street, and people portraits.  This Sigma 23mm F1.4 covers that focal length with aplomb, with plenty of sharpness, nice color, and fairly good bokeh.

On paper, the Sigma 23mm DN is the mid-level option, falling between the premium priced Fuji ($899 USD) and the bargain options from Tokina and Viltrox ($299) at a price point of $549 USD.  This is familiar territory for Sigma, and the company does its best work when it can provide 90% of the performance of the premium option at 60 or 70% of the price.  Sigma hits the first benchmark here, as the 23mm DN is 61% of the price of the Fuji.  But how about that performance?   I’ve explored the strengths and weaknesses in my reviews so that you can make an informed decision as to whether the Sigma is the best choice for you and your budget.  So now you have a choice:  watch the video review below, read the text review, or just enjoy the photos below.


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Thanks to Gentec (Sigma’s Canadian Distributor) for sending me a pre-release review loaner of this lens. As always, this is a completely independent review. I’m doing this review on a 40MP Fujifilm X-H2 camera.

Photos of the Sigma 23mm F1.4 DN X-Mount

Photos taken with the Sigma 23mm F1.4 (Fuji X-H2)

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