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TTArtisan AF 35mm F1.8 STM Gallery

Dustin Abbott

November 23rd, 2023

TTArtisan is growing up. By my count, this is about the tenth lens from the company that I have reviewed. Most of these former reviews have fallen under the category of inexpensive manual everything lenses. No electronics, no autofocus, no bells and whistles…just surprisingly well made lenses with optics that are frequently much better than the price point suggests. They haven’t all been winners, obviously, but I’ve definitely been pleasantly surprised by the optics in a number of their lenses. But this tenth review is different because TTArtisan is graduating to autofocus lenses. That means full electronics and all of the additional complexity and engineering challenges that come with that move. Yet somehow they are offering this new lens – the TTArtisan AF 35mm F1.8 – at a bargain price of around $125 USD. Could this possibly be the new high value king for getting a roughly 50mm angle of view (45°) on various APS-C cameras like Fuji X (tested here), Sony E, or Nikon Z? Find out by watching my video review below or reading my text review.

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Thanks to TTArtisan for sending me a review copy of this lens.   As always, this is a completely independent review.  All opinions and conclusions are my own. I’m doing this review on a 40MP Fujifilm X-H2 camera.


I’m doing this review on Fuji X-mount today, as that is what is TTArtisan had available to send me. In many ways this is jumping right into the fire, as there is no platform more optically demanding than the 40MP sensor on my Fujifilm X-H2. This is the equivalent of over 90MP on full frame, a resolution point that is currently 30+MP higher than what is even available on full frame. Can such an inexpensive lens keep up? The answer to that is largely going to depend on how much of a pixel peeper you are. It is as sharp as many Fuji branded lenses, but also won’t make the upper echelons of high performers on the 40MP Fuji sensors…a list that is thus far fairly short. It is certainly very possible to get some great looking images out of the lens…even at F1.8:

This is a nicely built little lens with a fairly decent (but not exceptional) autofocus performance. There are a few flaws here, but by and large I think this is actually quite a capable little lens, capable of producing detailed images.

Sound interesting? Here’s some photos to help you with your decision process.

Photos of the TTArtisan AF 35mm F1.8

Photos Taken with the TTArtisan AF 35mm F1.8



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