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AstrHori 25mm F2.8 2-5x Macro Gallery

Dustin Abbott

February 1st, 2024

Macro lenses are, by definition, specialist tools. They are designed for a specific type of photography, though some macro lenses double as being nice portrait or general purpose lenses, depending on their focal lengths. Many macro lenses are best suited for a single purpose, however: close up photography. That’s particularly true for the newest lens from AstrHori – the 25mm F2.8 2-5x Macro lens. Forget 1:1 macro, this lens is designed for ultra macro work, from 2:1 to even 5:1 performance. That is extreme levels of magnification!

That is the threads from a small screw, which gives you a bit of an idea of both how high the levels of magnification are and also how tiny the depth of field will be with such a lens. Sound interesting? You can watch my video review or read my text review here.

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Thanks to AstrHori for sending me a review sample of this lens. As always, this is a completely independent review. *The tests and most of the photos that I share as a part of my review cycle have been done with the Sony a7RV along with the Sony Alpha 1 that serve as my benchmark cameras for Sony lenses.


Specialist tools come with specialist costs, and while the AstrHori 25mm F2.8 2-5x Macro is financially inexpensive at $249, the reality of the lens and its design comes with some unique challenges in using it. Getting great images with a lens like this requires good technique, patience, and sometimes an explanation of just what people are looking at (in this case the threads of an adjustable wrench):

Enjoy the unique photos from the lens below…

Photos of the Astrhori 25mm F2.8 2-5x Macro

Photos taken with the AstrHori 25mm 2-5x Macro



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