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SmallRig RC-60B Portable COB LED Video Light Review

Dustin Abbott

February 12th, 2024

The SmallRig RC-60B COB LED light is an evolution of most similar type lights you’ve seen for two primary reasons. A) It is unusually compact and portable (weighs just 650g, about the weight of a typical mirrorless camera) and B) It has a built in battery that will give you up 75 minutes of runtime in ECO mode or 45 minutes in full pop mode. I’ve found the RC-60B to be very useful, as it is small enough to pop into a camera bag and use fully portably, and the fact that the power input port is USB-C means that you do portable power to extend the battery life from a V-mount battery or even PD power bank. That’s extremely useful, and a reasonable price of $199 means that there’s a lot to love here. Find out all my thoughts in my video review here…or read on for the details of my various tests and findings.

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Thanks to SmallRig for sending me a review sample of the RC-60B. As always, this is a completely independent review.



  • Built-in 3400mAh Battery (basically equivalent of having a built in 50Wh V-mount battery)
  • 45 minutes full power | 75 minutes ECO
  • Type-C PD Fast Charging (up to 100W PD)
  • Can be powered from a variety of power sources (power banks, V-mount batteries, AC adapter)
  • Weighs only 650g (1.4lbs)
  • Rated at 11200 lux at <1 meter (with reflector)
  • 2700-6500 Kelvin color temperature range
  • COB (Chip on Board) = greater efficiency


  • Lux Value
  • Battery Life
  • Portrait light
  • Video Light
  • Effects

Results from Lux Value tests.

The first test was the intensity of light with the reflector in place and the lux meter at the edge of reflector (full power) at different color temperatures.

  • 2700K = 291,650 Lux
  • 4500K = 346,970 Lux
  • 6500K = 356,860 Lux

Conclusion: You can get about 20% more light intensity at 6500K (cool) than at 2700 (warm). If you need maximum light output, choose a cooler color temperature. Note: subject tests done at 4200K, so the light can be slightly brighter than these values.

The second test was to compare the light intensity between the ECO and full modes. Tests done with the reflector in place and at a distance of 1 meter and 3 meter distances. Test done with AC adapter as the power source and at 4200K temperature.

  • ECO mode = 11,980 lux @ 1M | 917 lux @ 3M.
  • FULL mode = 17530 lux @ 1M | 1375 lux @ 3M

Conclusion: you get more than one third more power in the full mode vs eco mode, though obviously at the cost of faster battery use.

The third test was to compare light output using three different power sources: AC adapter, V-mount battery, and built in battery. These test results will be shown as at the source, 1 meter away, and 3 meters away. Tests done at 4200K and with full mode engaged.

  • AC Adapter: at source 348,330 lux | 17530 lux @ 1M | 1375 lux @ 3M
  • V-Mount: at source 335,140 lux | 14340 lux @ 1M | 1296 lux @ 3M
  • Built In Battery: at source 326,090 lux | 12550 lux @ 1M | 1196 lux @ 3M

Conclusion: the AC Adapter produces slightly better results even though technically the V-mount battery is producing 100W of input power as well. Using the V-mount battery gives you a little more output and the AC Adapter will give you the brightest output.

The fourth test determined how much using the softbox reduced light output. This test was done in four different ways – with the diffuser in place, without the diffuser, and then in ECO and Full Modes for each. Tests done at 4200K.

  • Softbox with diffuser and ECO Mode: 1542 lux @ 1M | 139 lux @ 3M
  • Softbox with diffuser and FULL Mode: 1627 lux @ 1M | 190 lux @ 3M
  • Softbox (no diffuser) and ECO Mode: 5087 lux @ 1M | 462 lux @ 3M
  • Softbox (no diffuser) and FULL Mode: 7458 lux @ 1M | 636 lux @ 3M

Conclusion: using the softbox and its variants reduces the amount of light but improves the quality of light (softer, more evenly spread). Use the diffuser if you have the light close to your subject and remove the diffuser if your subject is further away.

Results from Battery Life Tests:

Test #1: Internal Battery Life in ECO Mode:

The test began at 11:31 AM with the internal battery at 100% and the RC-60B running at 100% output. The light was off (battery exhausted) at 12:43 PM for a running time of 72 minutes. Considering the possible variables, that is very close to the claimed run time of 75 minutes in ECO Mode.

If you combine the SmallRig V-mount battery and the internal battery of the RC-60B, you can get nearly 215 minutes of runtime, which is well over 3 1/2 hours. Not bad for a completely portable solution, and using multiple V-mount batteries could extend that significantly.

Test #2: Internal Battery life in FULL Mode:

The test began at 4:45 PM with the internal battery at 100% and the RC-60B running at 100% output in full mode. After 20 minutes the light was still showing 3 out of 4 bars. Went to 2 bars at 25 minutes. At 5:17 (32 minutes) dropped to 80% power to extend life. At roughly 40 minutes the output dropped to 65%. Hit 0 bars at 5:27 PM though light was still running. Light went out at 5:29, or 44 minutes. 45 minutes a bit of an oversell, as that is not all achieved at maximum output…or at all.

Test #3: V-mount battery life in ECO Mode:

I ran RC-60B in ECO mode at 100% output using SmallRig VB-99 Pro Battery. Test started at 9:11 AM with the V-mount at 100% charge. After 20 minutes the V-mount showed 84% charge. It hit 50% charge after 70 minutes. At 11:25 (134 minutes) the V-mount was showing 0% but still outputting full power. At 11:31, the V-mount LCD was off and the RC-60B was running on internal battery. The V-mount battery gave roughly 140 minutes of run time.

Test #4: V-mount battery life in FULL Mode:

Began test using VB-99 Pro Battery at 100% charge at 5:31 PM. Light was at 100% output in FULL mode. After 10 minutes battery life was between 89 and 90%. 75% battery life arrived after 22 minutes, meaning that we should get close to 88 minutes in total. The battery showed 39% at 6:23, 52 minutes in. The light was still going strong at 6:51 (80 minutes), and dropped out at about 7 PM, for about 89 minutes. The V-mount battery will give you nearly 1 1/2 hours of runtime at full, meaning that you can get over 2 hours of full power output combining a V-mount battery (6700 mAh) with the internal battery (3400 mAh).

Portrait Light Test

I’ve always been a fan of fixed lighting for portraiture, as it is makes it very easy (obvious) to see the modeling of the light and also makes focus in a dim space easier than with a strobe. Putting the RC-60B relatively close to the subject and using the softbox and diffuser makes for very nice, very pleasing light.

A CRI rating of 97+ means good color accuracy, obviously important for portrait work.

Using one of these for a hair or key light could be interesting. The light weight would make it easy to put up higher, though the downside is the need to physically access the light to control it.

Video Light Test

There isn’t much challenge here, as the primary purposes of a video light are to provide sufficient output, to be consistent enough to avoid any kind of strobing effect, and preferably to have good options for controlling the light output. Now, to be fair, the inability to use Bowens mount accessories means that you are essentially using the reflector or softbox to modify the light output, though the softbox does give you the option of using a diffuser or honeycomb (both included).

I found the light output and quality sufficient for my video work when lighting the set for some of my YouTube episodes, though I will note that I needed to remove the diffuser from the softbox to project enough light far enough to accomplish my purpose. Obviously having the ability to control the color temperature is nice, though again I really wish for app control to make tweaks to the light’s output or color without having to get up and go to it.

Effects Test

It has become standard for any lights like these to have various lighting effects. These are just modifications of color temperature, duration, and intensity to mimic some of these light sources for video footage. There are nine different effects to access here.

Navigation isn’t as efficient as a touchscreen, but I figured out how to access and modify all of the effects within a couple of minutes. You can modify the intensity, duration, and color temperature on each of them.

The results are pretty standard fare. It’s enough to give a bit of the effect to your video clips, but isn’t anything high end. For most people this will mostly be a gimmick…but you don’t have to use it if you don’t want to. Better that it is included in case you do need it.

Things I Like

  • Portability – can easily be used handheld
  • Flexibility – power options without cords
  • Carrying case – includes spots for optional accessories like PD adapter
  • Included cables are very nice – one perfect length for V-mount, the other 3M/10F for AC Adapter.
  • Battery life long enough to be useful
  • Nice amount of light
  • I love the compact softbox. Still portable, and includes both a diffuser and honeycomb for more lighting flexibility. Good quality of light for different purposes. Very compact when collapsed.
  • Quiet. Very little noise in ECO mode (23db) and not much louder in full mode (26db). I can hear it in an otherwise silent room, but more as light white noise.
  • Price $200 and has built in battery – costs less than some V-mounts this size
  • USB-C chargeable makes recharging on the fly very easy.

Things I Don’t Like

  • No Bluetooth or remote control
  • No Bowens mount
  • Unit automatically reduces output to preserve battery life when internal battery runs low. This could ruin a shoot.


The SmallRig RC-60B is a very appealing light that is small enough to pop into a camera bag and, because of the built in battery, can be easily used for run and gun videography or even portrait/macro photography. Having a USB-C charger makes recharging the battery easy, and this also gives you a huge variety of powering options…many of which are also portable.

The RC-60B can put out a very usable amount of light for many situations. You’ll need multiple lights if you intend to light a full set, but for solo work it is plenty even when used at medium distances. Using the optional softbox and PD AC Adapter do add some additional cost, but also add a lot of extra flexibility.

The biggest negatives are that there is no remote control of the unit (no APP control or DMX), which means using these mounted high is not an option (though, frankly, there are better options for fixed lighting) and no Bowens compatibility. The latter is pretty understandable, however, considering that the Bowen mount is wider in diameter than this whole unit! I also didn’t like the fact that when running the light full powered on internal battery there was a noticeable drop in light output after 32 minutes as the light attempted to not deplete the battery as quickly. I would prefer the light run on full power for 35-37 minutes than it arbitrarily reduce power to try to get to that 45 minute goal (which it didn’t reach anyway!)

Those complaints aside, it is very hard to argue against the value of the SmallRig RC-60B. You typically pay about $179 USD to get a V-mount battery with this capacity, and for $199 USD you are getting the light, a reflector, a nice custom case, cables, a battery mount clamp, and a handle for portable shooting. All of the above save the softbox and the PD Charger are included in the box.

That’s a great value, and I genuinely enjoy the light and in particular it’s portability and flexibility. If you’re looking for a versatile LED light for video (and even portrait) work, the SmallRig RC-60B is a very intriguing option.



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