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Anker Solix C800 Plus Power Station Review

Dustin Abbott

March 12th, 2024

There are a lot of players in the portable power station space. The idea of having portable and/or backup power for all of our electronic devices is very appealing. Many people like the idea of going camping or overlanding, but they also want to be able to keep their phones charged, their CPAP machine running through the night so that they can sleep properly, and wouldn’t mind a cup of coffee in the morning. Portable power stations can do all of that and more, including operating as a backup for sensitive electronic equipment during power outages to avoid losing work. Anker has long been a very successful company for smaller battery banks, power adapters, and even things like headphones, and their SOLIX division scales that knowledge up to large power stations…including their newest, the Anker SOLIX C800 Plus, a 768Wh unit with an extra powerful (for this class) 1200W inverter. Is the C800 Plus a top choice for a medium sized power station? Find out in my video review or in the summary of my findings below.

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Thanks to Anker for sending me a review sample of the C800 Plus. As always, this is a completely independent review. All thoughts and opinions expressed here are my own.


Basic Specs

  • Dimensions = 371 x 205 x 253mm (14.6 x 8 x 10″)
  • Weight = 10.9kg (20.28lb)
  • AC Outlets (110V) = 5 x 1200W
  • USB Outlets:
    • 1 x 100W USB-C
    • 1 x 30W USB-C
    • 2 x 12W USB-A
  • DC Output (Car/Cigarette lighter style) = 1 x 120W
  • Solar/DC input style = XT60
  • Warranty = 5 years
  • Price = $499 USD


  • 768Wh Battery Capacity
  • 1200W (1600W surge) inverter
  • Hyperflash recharging 0-100% in 58 minutes
  • 300W solar input
  • 5 AC Ports
  • 10 Total Ports
  • App Control
  • Built in removable Camping Lights
  • >20ms UPS mode


  • 1100W Blender (drew 923W initially, settled to 842W). Outcome: ran without issue.
  • 1500W Tea Kettle – 1477 Initial, settled to right under 1200W, boiled in 3 minutes. Fans ramped way up to keep things cool and stable. Surgepad works!
  • 1700W hair dryer – drew 1646W initially and then shut down when draw remained above 1600W. 1600W Surgepad more useful then just an initial peak boost.
  • AC Charge – Normal rate 470W
  • Ultrafast charge (through App) – 1028W (only use when necessary for prolonged battery life)
  • UPS – connected a computer monitor (drawing 60W). Unplugged the power supply to the C800 Plus to simulate a power outage. No reaction on the monitor, no flicker, just continued operating.


Things I Like

  • More powerful inverter than typical for this class.
  • Surgepad technology works well
  • Camping/emergency lights stay charged
  • Telescoping pole gets lights up to useful place – magnetic base allows you to attach them elsewhere
  • Removable top ball exposes 1/4″ screw – can attach camera, mobile attachment, etc… Top ball can be attached elsewhere to any typical 1/4″ – light stand, tripod, etc…
  • More AC ports than usual
  • Intelligent USB ports
  • Easy to use app
  • Can turn on front LCD strip remotely (get some light in the dark!)
  • Good solar and AC input
  • UPS Mode works easily and intuitively.


Things I Don’t Like

  • No IP rating
  • No wireless charge
  • Not currently compatible with expansion batteries



The Anker SOLIX C800 Plus jumps to the top of my list of recommended portable power stations for a few scenarios. If you are looking for a versatile (and affordable) power station for camping, the C800 Plus is an obvious choice. It has plenty of outlets, exceptional power delivery for this class, and the integration of lights for camping is inspired. Pair it with a good solar panel and you can have indefinite power for your camping adventure.

I also like this as a backup unit for a power outage, so long as your power needs are sufficient to being handled by a battery this size. Having emergency lighting, UPS function, and a fairly powerful inverter means that this unit can cover a lot of bases. My lone concern on this front is whether or not the battery capacity is sufficient, but again, if you can run some solar, that helps solve that issue.

But the main reason that I like the Anker Solix C800 Plus more than equivalent 700-800Wh units is the fact that it has a more powerful and versatile inverter than those units, which means that it can effectively power more things. I like the abundance of AC plugs (a similar unit from Bluetti that I reviewed only has 2!). I feel like it offers a lot of value for the $500 price point, and the performance in my tests seems to be excellent as well.


Purchase the Anker SOLIX C800 Plus @ Anker | Amazon https://amzn.to/3OXPwAp | Amazon Canada https://amzn.to/42WuJDg | B&H Photo https://bhpho.to/3Id1ti7


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