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September 26, 2022 Canon EOS R7 Review

The new Canon EOS R7 is an important addition to Canon’s mirrorless lineup for multiple reasons.  First of all it (along with the simultaneously releases R10) help bring APS-C to the Canon RF mount, where lenses like the new 18-150mm F3.5-6.3 IS STM (which I simultaneously reviewed) will carry the designation RF-S.&n [Read more...]

February 21, 2022 Fujifilm GFX50S II Review

The last time I was reviewing Fujifilm’s medium format lineup was with their extremely high resolution and extremely high-priced Fujfilm GFX 100 camera body and its incredible 102 megapixels of resolution along with two lenses, the slightly older GF 45mm F2.8 WR and the brand new GF 80mm F1.7 WR short telephoto lens.  [Read more...]

January 31, 2022 Sony a7IV (ILCE-7M4) Review

Perhaps no Sony camera series has benefitted as much from the “trickle-down” effect as the a7 series.  The a7III set a new benchmark for the “full frame affordable(ish)” category by being basically good at everything.  It inherited an amazing focus system from the Sony a9 that actually gave it b [Read more...]

December 13, 2021 Canon EOS R3 Review

The Canon EOS R5 (my review here) and EOS R6 (my review here) cameras showed that Canon was serious about the full frame mirrorless space.  The former remains one of the best jack-of-all-trades cameras ever made, possibly bested only by the extremely expensive Sony Alpha 1 (my review here).  The EOS R6 was a very [&hel [Read more...]

July 21, 2021 Sony a6600 Review

I was a bit surprised in early 2019 when Sony announced and released the Sony a6400 APS-C mirrorless camera.  Many of us expected Sony to continue moving upscale with an a6500 replacement, but I concluded in my review of the a6400 that it was more of an upgrade to the Sony a6300.  I surmised (correctly) […] [Read more...]

April 19, 2021 Sony Alpha 1 (ILCE-1) Review

What do you get when you combine the massive resolution of the Sony a7RIV (almost!), the blazing speed of the Sony a9II (and more!), and all the video capabilities of the Sony a7SIII?  The answer is the Sony Alpha 1, aka the Sony A1, or, more technically, the Sony ILCE-1.  The Alpha 1 is definitely […] [Read more...]

March 25, 2021 Sigma FP-L Mirrorless Camera Review

Most of us know Sigma as a lensmaker and nothing more, but Sigma has actually been developing somewhat quirky cameras for some time.  Many of those were built around Sigma’s own SA mount or with a fixed lens and tended to be crop sensor cameras (APS-C or APS-H).  They frequently had unique shapes well outside [&h [Read more...]

March 15, 2021 FUJIFILM GFX-100 Medium Format Camera Review

All of my time spent with Fuji products to this point has been on the APS-C end of the spectrum, but I’ve had a lot of requests to dip my toes into the more extreme end of their business, which is their GFX lineup of medium format products.  Fuji has been unique in their marketing […] [Read more...]