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December 9, 2020 Canon EOS R6 Review

While it was the Canon EOS R5 (my review here) that grabbed my attention personally (it is very close to being a perfect camera for my uses), it was the Canon EOS R6 that was even more interesting to others due to the R5 being overkill for many photographers in both resolution and price.  Canon’s […] [Read more...]

November 9, 2020 Sony a7C Review

The size of mirrorless cameras has trended ever larger as the early focus on (mostly) smaller sensors and compact lenses has shifted to high resolution full frame sensors and professional grade lenses designed to match (or exceed) what was available for DSLRs in the past.  Some of us don’t mind this trend, as we are [ [Read more...]

October 15, 2020 Canon EOS R5 Review

I was excited about the Canon EOS R5 from the moment it was announced.  Finally it seemed that Canon was putting together a truly competitive camera that was ready to show that they were serious about the mirrorless space.  The high-powered EOS R5 was rumored to have high resolution (45Mpx), high speed (12FPS in mechan [Read more...]

October 15, 2020 Fujfilm X-T200 Camera Review

I’ve been working over the past few years to get up to speed with Fuji’s ecosystem, as I had next to no experience with the platform when Fujifilm Canada approached me with the idea of starting to review Fuji gear.  Over the past few years I’ve reviewed four different cameras and roughly a dozen lenses, [& [Read more...]

September 22, 2020 Sony a9II (ILCE-9M2) Review

Sony has long been the revolution brand in the camera world.  While they lacked the market share of Canon and Nikon, the Sony company has typically played the role of disrupter by constantly innovating and bringing new features to the market.  Canon and Nikon have been the more conservative, established brands, and the [Read more...]

July 28, 2020 Fujifilm X-T4 Review

When I finished up reviewing the Fujifilm X-T3 in late 2018 (my first Fuji review), I praised it as the most well-rounded APS-C camera I had used.  Its amazing burst rate, excellent tracking abilities (with the right lens!), and solid sensor performance really set it apart for me.  I longed for the inclusion of in-body [Read more...]

November 11, 2019 Sony a9 (ILCE-9) Review

I was impressed when the Sony a9’s amazing tracking abilities and blazing fast burst rate of 20 FPS was revealed, but at the time I had little personal interest in a premium-priced Sony mirrorless camera.  Telephoto options were limited, I had been fairly unimpressed with the total package of the a7RII, and I was stil [Read more...]

October 28, 2019 Sony a7R IV Review (a7RIV)

The Sony a7RIII was the camera that really made me believe in Sony.  It took a deeply flawed camera (though with some great strengths) in the a7RII and turned it into the most complete camera on the market at the time.  It had a little bit of everything:  great sensor, great autofocus, great video performance, [&h [Read more...]