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Working With the Best – B&H Photo

Dustin Abbott

August 27th, 2014

B&H LogoAt the beginning of this year I had the great blessing to begin a relationship with B&H Photo out of New York City as an Affiliate Partner. This relationship has already been very productive, and I know that the best is yet to come. From early on I was impressed both the professionalism of my contacts there (go Izzy and Yosef!) and, ironically, the faith of the company. B&H is a highly successful company, both with their brick and mortar store (the largest photography store in the US and the second largest in the world) and as an E-Tailer (where they have more than 300,000 unique SKUs in their online store). And yet their faith shines through…where it counts. Come Shabat (Sabbath) every week, don’t expect this Jewish company to be doing business…even online. The same applies to every high Jewish holiday. In a world full of greedy corporations, I have nothing but admiration for a company that is willing to stop making money for a full 24 hours every week to honor their religious convictions. As a man of faith myself this completely impresses me.

And so I am not surprised that B&H is thriving. The report came out this week that B&H Photo has been named E-Tailer of the Year from Digital Imaging Reporter. You can read all about it here: B&H – E-Tailer of the Year. This second article focuses on their business strategy and what has made them so successful: Strategy Session. Both articles make for an interesting read.

In summation, it is a privilege to work with people of faith who are also extremely professional and successful. That’s a winning combination. Go B&H!

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