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Samyang AF 24mm F1.8 Image Gallery

Dustin Abbott

April 24th, 2021

It’s always intriguing to me when two very similar lenses come to the market at the same time.  I was just wrapping up my coverage of the Viltrox AF 24mm F1.8 (my review here) when I got wind that Samyang also had a compact 24mm F1.8 prime lens in the pipeline.  When Samyang sent me the information about this new lens, I was really pleased, as it showed both some real innovation but also a growing sophistication in lens design.  When I reviewed the Samyang AF 75mm F1.8, I was pleased to see them introduce a function switch that allowed both direction manual focus control along with aperture control through the manual focus ring.  Last year’s Samyang AF 35mm F1.8 added weather sealing into the formula.  But this newest lens, the Samyang AF 24mm F1.8, adds a focus hold button that has a uniquely Samyang flavor.  In many ways, I feel like the new Samyang AF24 (as I’ll refer to it for brevity) represents the best lens yet in the series, with both more features along with a truly impressive optical performance.  I like the direction that Samyang’s path is going!

The Samyang AF 24mm has the distinction of being just the second lens that I’ve reviewed on my new Sony Alpha 1.  Thus far I’ve been impressed with both of the first lenses I’ve reviewed on this camera, so I’m hoping it’s a trend!  I’ve really enjoyed what Samyang calls their “tiny series”, which is a group of very compact full frame prime lenses for Sony FE.  These include the AF 18mm F2.8, the new 24mm F1.8, the 35mm F1.8, the 45mm F1.8 (one of my favorites optically!), and the compact telephoto 75mm F1.8.

Samyang is definitely refining the “tiny series” formula, and I’ve been glad to see them unafraid to add features as the series progresses rather than sticking with the original formula just for consistencies sake.  These lenses are fairly unique, in that they offer moderately wide aperture values at their respective focal lengths while staying very compact and very light.  I’m not aware of any other camera platform that has anything quite like this, but what I find is that very often it is one of these tiny primes that goes into my bag to supplement a larger lens at a different focal length or focal range.  The 45mm F1.8 has come along a number of times when I’ve traveled as a lightweight street/fast aperture prime to augment a travel zoom, for example, and I can see the AF24 serving a similar purpose if I go out with a telephoto zoom.  It’s a tiny, lightweight lens (only 230g!!!), but it packs a serious optical punch.

The Samyang AF 24mm F1.8 has relatively few flaws, and can do a little bit of everything.  Landscapes?  Of course!  Astrophotography?  A specialty!  Even close up photography is all part of the equation.  

So check out the wide variety of images you’ll find from this versatile little lens in the galleries below.  You can see my findings on performance in either the video reviews or by reading my text review, or just enjoy the photos below.

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Thanks to Samyang for sending me a test copy of the lens.  As always, this is a completely independent review.

Photos of the Samyang AF 24mm F1.8

Photos Taken with the Samyang AF 24mm F1.8

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