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Sony a7IV (ICLE-7M4) Image Gallery

Dustin Abbott

January 31st, 2022

Perhaps no Sony camera series has benefitted as much from the “trickle-down” effect as the a7 series.  The a7III set a new benchmark for the “full frame affordable(ish)” category by being basically good at everything.  It inherited an amazing focus system from the Sony a9 that actually gave it better focus capabilities than the more expensive a7RIII, which itself had been a huge step forward.  The a7III also benefited from a lot of a7S video capabilities, which resulted in it being a better video body than either the a9 or the a7RIII.  It got the new battery, the new control layout, and a host of other improvements.  Fast forward a few years and we’ve seen Sony release the truly incredible Alpha 1 (my review here), which advanced Sony design on almost every level.  The downside?  It cost $6500 USD!  The new Sony a7IV (technically the ILCE-7M4) is not necessarily an Alpha 1 clone (it has a much lower burst rate, lesser video capabilities, lower resolution, etc…) but I do see a lot of Alpha 1 DNA in this camera.  The Alpha 1 is my most used camera these days, so I’m very familiar with its performance and handling, and I can say that you’re getting a lot of Alpha 1 for the $2500 price point of the Sony a7IV.  

The Sony a7IV is designed around a brand new 33MP Full-Frame Exmor R CMOS Sensor.  This ups the resolution from the 24MP seen on previous a7 bodies and brings us to what I consider a sweet spot for performance.  It always felt like there was too much of a gap between the a7 series (24MP) and the a7R series (typically 42-61MP).  This new 33MP sensor feels like a series step up, but it also sits in a sweet spot for today’s performance.  As we’ll see in this review, this new sensor is among Sony’s best in dynamic range, high ISO performance, and seems to have improved color handling.  Images are highly detailed, and I don’t feel a huge chasm between these images and my 50MP Alpha 1 images like I did with the a7III.  Image resolution is 7008 x 4672 pixels, which is probably as many pixels as most people will ever need.  Images from the a7IV look great:

Also useful is the fact that you still get 15MP in APS-C crop mode, which is a much more useful figure than the roughly 11MP figure on the a7III and other 24MP bodies.  I found the 33MP resolution point and the new sensor helped make the a7IV feel more upscale than the a7III, which is appropriate, as it has moved upscale in terms of pricing.  The a7III debuted at a bargain price point of around $2000, but the a7IV has jumped to $2500.  This does create a little more room for Sony to release a budget full frame model under $2000 (a space occupied at the moment by the a7III and a7C cameras).  The a7III will probably get phased out as current supply is sold off.  Does the Sony a7IV justify this price increase?


Here’s a quick look at the major specs and features.

  • 33MP Full-Frame Exmor R CMOS Sensor
  • Up to 10 fps Shooting, ISO 100-51200
  • Much deeper buffer depth (up to 828 uncompressed RAW + JPEG)
  • 4K 60p Video in 10-Bit, S-Cinetone
  • No recording limit
  • 3.68m-Dot EVF with 120 fps Refresh Rate
  • 3″ 1.03m-Dot Vari-Angle Touchscreen LCD
  • 759-Pt. Fast Hybrid AF
  • Real-time Eye AF (including bird AF in stills and video tracking)
  • Focus Breathing Compensation
  • 5-Axis SteadyShot Image Stabilization
  • 4K 15p UVC/UAC Streaming via USB Type-C

Like the Alpha 1, I feel like the Sony a7IV has “enough” of everything that I don’t feel like I’m missing much.  That in itself adds up to a very compelling camera.  But is it the camera for you?  Find out by reading my text review or watching my definitive video review…or just enjoy the photos from the gallery below.

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Thanks to Sony Canada for getting me a loaner of Sony a7RIV.  

Photos of the Sony a7IV

Photos Taken with the ILCE-7M4

Gear Used:

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