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Feiyu Pocket 3 Action Camera Review

Dustin Abbott

September 18th, 2023


I was excited about the proof of concept of the Pocket 3 action camera from gimbal experts Feiyu for its ability to quickly mount anywhere magnetically, be remotely controlled, and having up to 4K60 video capture.  I instantly saw a great opportunity for adding all kinds of unique B-roll footage to my various reviews…if the Pocket 3 lived up to its hype.

The good news?  It mostly does!  The unique magnetic mounting system means that you can put the camera pretty much anywhere metal, including:

  • The fridge…
  • The front door…
  • On a basketball hoop…
  • On a bike…
  • Or even mounted on a car or truck…

I’ve even attached it to the backstop at a softball game and dove into the Caribbean Sea with it…

The list goes on and on of potential places to put a camera like this and thus the kinds of footage you can grab.  It gives you a lot of options for getting unique footage, and, for the right person, might be just what you’ve been looking for.   For my full findings, check out the video review here:



Get more information here: https://store.feiyu-tech.com/en-ca/products/feiyu-pocket-3


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