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Product Announcements

November 26, 2014 Sony Unveils the a7II Mirrorless – Preorder Now

Sony has been a company on a mission in their imaging division over the past several years.  They have been introducing some of the best sensors in the business.  I have been watching the A7 and A7R since their release and have been very tempted to pull the trigger.  And now that Sony has launched […] [Read more...]

September 12, 2014 Pre-Order Exciting New Sigma Products

Sigma just announced a bunch of new, exciting products at Photokina.  You can go ahead and get your preorder in on any of these by clicking the link below…although most of these products still don’t have prices attached to them.   Click this link to view all of the new products and place your preorder: [Read more...]

September 1, 2014 New Lower Prices on Canon Lenses

Good news for those of you who are looking to save some cash! (or is that spend some cash?) B&H has just informed me that prices have been slashed on the majority of Canon’s current lenses. If you have been wanting to buy that new lens but wish that you could save a few bucks, […] [Read more...]

August 27, 2014 Working With the Best – B&H Photo

At the beginning of this year I had the great blessing to begin a relationship with B&H Photo out of New York City as an Affiliate Partner. This relationship has already been very productive, and I know that the best is yet to come. From early on I was impressed both the professionalism of my […] [Read more...]

April 11, 2014 Sigma ART 50mm f/1.4 Available for Preorder

The new Sigma 50mm f/1.4 prime lens in Sigma’s new ART series is one of the most exciting announcements of the year. The early buzz on this lens has been that it has set its sights on Zeiss’s astounding new Otis 50mm f/1.4 lens, a lens considered to be one of the finest ever made. […] [Read more...]

February 8, 2014 New Tamron All-in-One Lens Announcement

Dustin’s thoughts:  This lens sounds (potentially) like another exciting product from Tamron provided the optics are reasonably good.  I used the Tamron 18-270mm VC when I shot crop sensor bodies at one point and found it a pretty competent performer with an obviously fantastic focal length.  Canon has an eq [Read more...]